What we do

We are strategic storytellers with an eye on the bottom line. Our goal is to elevate your brand’s profile and create connections online and off. In a rapidly changing environment, we use a variety of tools to speak to your consumers – wherever they might be.

Media Relations

This is the foundation of what we do. We have strong relationships with key media and are able to start personal conversations on your behalf. We have organized numerous conferences, press interviews, media events and effective strategies to continuously deliver value to media and our clients. A well-placed article, online or in print, delivers credibility, visibility and impacts the bottom line.

Social Strategy

We know that social media is an intrinsic part of any comprehensive communication strategy. Whether you need us to take over the daily management of your social media channels, develop a campaign or audit your online presence, our team balances art and data to create successful social campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are instrumental in bringing your story to life. We work with a vast network of creators across the travel, lifestyle, design and culinary arenas and curate partnerships based on your brand’s DNA and objectives to implement campaigns that truly engage.

Creative Content

Writing is our passion and our craft. Our team will help you develop a website, create a blog or newsletter and produce videos that help bring your business to life.


We have organized a number of high-profile events designed to bring a brand’s message to life through interactive experiences. From media round-ups to grand openings, our events create buzz and deliver headlines.

Brand Partnerships

We love to make connections and foster collaborations and partnerships for our clients. Whether it’s putting together like-minded brands, creating culinary, celebrity and fashion activations or hand-selecting a brand ambassador, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that deliver mutually beneficial results.

Additional Services for Travel Clients

  • New Product Introduction
  • RoadShow
  • Trade Show Representation
  • Expert Consulting and Market Intelligence
  • Destination Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Strategic Alliance
  • Trade Show Promotions